5 Things We’ve Learned from Becoming CEO’s at age 21

Purpose Therapy Box has celebrated being in business for 1 year! It’s hard to believe a whole year has gone by.

Being healthcare based, this year has challenged our business skills and allowed us to grow professionally AND personally! We have learned so much throughout the year about starting a business (honestly, we could probably write a book!) but, here’s our top 5 findings:

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1. Be passionate about your company and product.

Being able to see the need first hand and know that your company can make a difference is all the motivation you need. We see the need for our products everyday, and that pushes us to constantly find the most amazing products that will help the older adults. It won’t seem like “work” if you are truly passionate and serious about making a huge difference in a population that may be under-served or misrepresented.

2. Focus on building a loyal and passionate community.

A community will provide a strong bond between the company and the customers. One of our main focuses is education and advocating for the older adult population, in general, but specifically to caregivers so our community can share with us and each other any struggles they are facing or questions they may have when it comes to caring for their older loved ones.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

There should be no stigma around asking for help from others when starting a new business. A business cannot grow without a variety of expertise and knowledge. The sooner you ask for help, the sooner you will be headed in the right direction when scaling your business.

4. Listen to your customers. 

We love hearing feedback from our customers and doing whatever we can to make their experience with Purpose a memorable one! As we started to grow in the beginning, we noticed a trend in the feedback we were receiving. Many people were very supportive of our business, however they did not have an older loved one to send a Purpose Box to. This feedback sparked our idea for the Sponsor a Senior Program. Anyone can sponsor a Purpose Box, and we will hand-deliver that box to a senior in need.

5. Give back!

Giving back is a huge priority for Purpose. We know how deserving our aging population is and reminding them that they have a Purpose is so important. We love to support causes that will positively impact the health and well-being of the aging population. Last year, we participated in the Walk To End Alzheimer’s (which has, unfortunately, been prevalent in both our families) and donated to help find a cure. This year we will be walking again and would love for you to join our team! The Walk To End Alzheimer’s is on October 12th, 2019, sign up on our website. Together, We Can End Alzheimer’s.

 “Dreams don’t work unless you do” – John C. Maxwell


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