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     Hello! Thank you for stopping by my page. I am a graduate of Southwest Virginia Community College Occupational Therapy Assistant program. I am certified, licensed, and working with the older adult population in a local skilled nursing facility.
      Working through a pandemic in the Occupational Therapy field has been super difficult and very trying, learning to navigate through new rules and changes from almost daily to every few hours sometimes we thought “Are we going to make it through this tough challenge?” Yes!!!! Yes, we have and will by putting our patients first and foremost.
       Our patients have been through so much during this pandemic and have needed us to be their OT practitioner as well as caregiver, nurse’s aide, daughter, friend and their link to a prayer chain, our patients need us so much each day and it takes a lot to fend for them! 
      Our apparel gives you a way to rep your OT skills and open up a conversation at times with people that don’t know what OT means! 

Bridget Sauls

Owner | COTA/L

I have worked in Occupational Therapy for 16 years and it has been ever changing and evolving role in the medical field! I have experience with many different types of Occupational Therapy including Geriatric/SNF, out-patient, in-patient, home health, and schools, working with all ages!

The OT Objective Subscription Box is a box highlighting other OT entrepreneurs that we know and love (we are always up for suggestions of products you’d like to see in your box!) It is also something that will bring a new perspective to our profession with a vibe that promotes excitement, always educational, and of course apparel/accessories that can help us all advocate and rep this profession that we LOVE!

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Fun Facts About Purpose Therapy Box

  • Purpose started as an idea between two college students who enjoyed working with the elderly population and wanted to find a way to keep families connected.
  • Purpose officially launched in June 2018
  • The Purpose Headquarters is located in Southwest Virginia
  • I love to bake and decorate cakes (they’re never pretty though) Yet!!
  • I love rocking OT apparel everywhere I go in normal day to day life as well as at work!
  • An Occupational Therapy Subscription Box and Apparel/Accessory line has been a dream I’ve wanted to be a part of with the great perks of owning my own small business and lifting my Therapy peeps up!

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