Ali Izzo and Holly Masters: Founders of Purpose Therapy Box

We are both graduates of the Pennsylvania State University Occupational Therapy Assistant program and are certified, licensed, and currently working with the older adult population in nursing homes and hospitals.

Our passion for working with and advocating for the older adult population has led us to the creation of Purpose Therapy Box!


Through clinicals and work experience with the elderly in the last 4 years, we see that depression and loneliness is overwhelmingly prevalent, causing loss of independence, decreased motivation, and social withdrawal in seniors. After doing research, we discovered on the Centers for Disease Control Website, that approximately 7 million adults over the age of 65 experience depressive symptoms each year. Additionally, 60% of adults in long term care facilities do not receive visitors often, whether it be because their family is busy or lives out of town.

To address these problems, we have created Purpose The Therapeutic Subscription Box. Our vision is to decrease sadness and loneliness within the older adult population with gift boxes that will contain useful products for anyone. Our boxes are intended to inspire positivity and enhance quality of life through personalized products that encourage independence, improve well-being, and overall health. We want to use our education, clinical expertise, and resources to help parents, grandparents, and any other older loved one all over the United States, and eventually the world!