The Importance of Fine Motor Skills for the Older Adult Population

 The Quarterly Purpose Subscription Box is sent to your loved one four times a year. Each box has a specific theme that will encourage the senior to socialize and participate in activity as well as ease everyday tasks with functional, useful products. Themes include: Fine motor, Strengthening, Cognition, and Self-Care.

Fine Motor was the theme for February and the response thus far has been extremely positive.

The Fine Motor boxes include: products that involve coordination and strength of the small muscles in the hands that help to complete daily tasks. We use our fine motor skills everyday to get dressed, eat, write, or even change the channel on the television. Fine motor skills are important to maintain to remain as independent as possible.

   Purpose The Therapeutic Subscription Box LLC, Fine Motor February Universal Built Up Handle

The box included many functional, and useful items including the Universal Built-Up Handle and the Portable Zen Adult Coloring Book with sharpened colored pencils. We love these two products because they both promote ease and comfort.

The Universal Built-Up Handle is useful for eating, hygiene, and writing utensils providing ease while grasping these objects for everyday use. Older adults with limited grasping ability have a difficult time holding onto smaller objects, which is why this large grip is so useful and eliminates the need to have multiple built-up utensils.

Art therapist, Lacy Mucklow, designed the Portable Zen Adult Coloring Books. All designs are intended to promote relaxation by using meditative colors. This is an all-natural way to step back from the stress of daily life, color, and relax!

Purpose The Therapeutic Subscription Box Featured Product, Fine Motor February

All of the Purpose Quarterly Subscription Boxes can include up to 3 photos and a personalized message to your loved one uploaded during check out! The Purpose Newsletter is also included, explaining the importance of the theme and how these products can improve everyday life.

Purpose The Therapeutic Subscription Box, LLC February Subscription Box, Fine Motor Themed

The next Purpose Quarterly Subscription Box theme will be Spring Strengthening this May 2019. Keep an eye out for featured products and tips on how to remain strong and healthy as we age!!

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