Oct/Nov 2022 OT Objective Subscription Box

$44.99 every 6 months


OT Objective: Taking a Therapist-Centered Approach™

We know burn out and productivity can bring down your morale at work, we hope that with our fun, new OT products and the OT Objective Subscription Box, you remember why you chose Occupational Therapy and encourage you to continue making a difference for your clients!

Your box for October/November 2022 Theme is How Awesome is Therapy!

Purpose OT Apparel | $28  (Our 1st long sleeve shirt!) 

OT Apparel Limited Edition Shirt: NOBODY EVER KNOWS WHAT WE DO! This shirt represents our time we spend telling people every day what we OT’s do! Keep on, keeping on making sure our older generations get to the doctor’s office with clothes on, helping our young adults strive for more independence with their full life ahead of them, and empowering our kiddos with their school performance, self-esteem and sense of accomplishment and bring our babies up with good eating skills, sitting up strong and rolling over with a good grip on our hands. The most important person that needs to know what we do is, US! We can turn the impossible into the possible with a little bit of Occupational Therapy in everyone’s lives!

Custom designed ceramic car coaster | $6

This ceramic coaster will look great on your desk or in your favorite spot to absorb moisture in your cup holders while adding color and fun to your ride or use them in your office! Helps keep your car clean and looking OT cool.

Custom designed neoprene car coasters Set of 2 | $8

Designed with Occupational Therapist in mind! These very absorbent coasters are a cute and fun way to personalize your own car and save yourself the mess that condensation leaves behind in your car cup holders.

I Heart OT Elastic Hair Ties| $4

Never be without a hair tie again, wear this OT inspired hair tie every day and plus they look super cute on your wrist too!

Custom Acrylic Car Charm | $15

These custom brush stroke resin car charms hang beautifully from your rearview mirror! So, more people can know how us OT’s vibe!

Calm Strip with keychain| $10

Use this on the keychain provided or place it on your phone, laptop, desk or anywhere else you fidget. Calm Strips are similar to stickers but have a special reusable adhesive and two unique surface textures to choose from. Rubbing, scratching, or picking at your Calm Strips are great ways to help reduce fidgeting, increase focus, and regulate restless energy. Calm Strips are for everyone! From age 6 to 80 and beyond, Calm Strips are enjoyed by students, teachers, fidgeters, anxiety warriors, and members of the BFRB, ADD, ADHD, and Autistic communities. See the flyer insert for more information or go to https://calmstrips.com/pages/faq

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  • Limited Edition Purpose Tee

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