OT Objective Subscription Box

$44.99 every 6 months


OT Objective: Taking a Therapist-Centered Approach™

We know burn out and productivity can bring down your morale at work, we hope that with our fun, new OT products and the OT Objective Subscription Box, you remember why you chose Occupational Therapy and encourage you to continue making a difference for your clients!

  • Semi-Annual Subscription
  • Shipping in April + November
  • Treatment Tips
  • Limited Edition Purpose Tee

Your box for OT Month 2021 will include:

OT Badge Reel | $12

Stainless steal retractable badge reel. The smooth, retractable cord is strong and durable enough for daily use. The polyester retractable cord extends up to 24 inches. The best part?! It is easy to clean!

Purpose OT Apparel | $26

OT Apparel Limited Edition Shirt: We Rise By Lifting OThers. Serving as a reminder that each one of us can make a difference but together we can make a change. This shirt features a ribbed collar, double lined stitching detail and water based ink. We hope you love the fit and wear it while you’re uplifting others!

Stamped Silver OT Necklace | $14

Sarah Wilder is the founder of Tiny Tokens Company. She states “We love therapists at Tiny Tokens! My daughter was born with spina bifida so Occupational Therapy has been a major part of our lives. We love celebrating you guys!”. This necklace contains a 14K silver plated 17” chain and a 14K sterling silver charm.

Treatment Tips, Documentation Tips, and the opportunity to win FREE items from our shop throughout OT Month!

Order soon or you might miss out!