OT Objective Subscription Box

$44.99 every 6 months


OT Objective: Taking a Therapist-Centered Approach™

We know burn out and productivity can bring down your morale at work, we hope that with our fun, new OT products and the OT Objective Subscription Box, you remember why you chose Occupational Therapy and encourage you to continue making a difference for your clients!

  • Semi-Annual Subscription
  • Shipping in April + November
  • Treatment Tips
  • Limited Edition Purpose Tee

Your box for October/November 2021 will include:

Car Decal | $8

This custom static cling window decal is designed to firmly hold to any glass surface without using adhesive. It is perfect for your car window, office window/door, etc. It can be placed on either the inside or outside of your window, whichever you prefer for safe keepings!!

Purpose OT Apparel | $26

OT Apparel Limited Edition Shirt: OTs are FIERCE!  This shirt is a fun reminder that as OTs, we can conquer anything in our path with a little hard work and determination! With this shirt, you will be able to advocate for OT at work and out in your community!

OT Cheetah Print Water Bottle | $17

Finally!!! Your own custom OT Cheetah Print Tumbler! This 20oz tumbler can hold hot or cold beverages for 5-9 hours, has double insulation to avoid sweat on the outside of the tumbler, and has a sliding lid with a hole for a straw if desired! 

Treatment Tips, Documentation Tips, and the opportunity to win FREE items from our shop!

Order soon or you might miss out!