The Best Booths to Visit at AOTA Conference 2020

Booth 615 (Of course!!)- Purpose Therapy Box:

Purpose Therapy Box is a subscription box company founded by two COTAs, Ali and Holly. Purpose is divided into two different subscription options. The OT Objective Subscription Box is taking a Therapist-Centered Approachâ„¢ to get practitioners and students excited about the profession! The Original Purpose Subscription Box is geared towards seniors, and family members are able to subscribe quarterly and upload photos and messages, Our unique and trendy OT apparel and accessories will help you rep the OT profession with pride and in good style! Stop by the booth to play games “Beat The Clock Donning The Sock”, our photo back drop, and check out the new OT apparel line/subscription box! We will also have some freebies and fun giveaways!

Booth 623- NBCOT:

If you are a student, this is the place to be at conference! You are able to win study materials to help you pass your test and you could even win a FREE exam!! (Ali won a free exam at the centennial so it’s not impossible!)

Booth 717- Dycem:

Dycem is literally one of the best products on the market! We love going to their booth at conference to see what new and exciting things they have created! Dycem is great to use for improving grip on products like pill lids, water bottles, pen caps, etc. We love providing our patients with Dycem, they find it so useful! Make sure to stop by this booth, they typically have a free sample to give away!

Booth 511- Fun and Function:

Experience the best sensory solutions to help children reach their full potential. Designed by therapists, rigorously tested for safety, and crafted for high quality. Stop by their booth to see their latest products for children in settings such as home, school, and clinic.

Booth 538- Occupational Therapy Toolkit:

The Occupational Therapy Toolkit is the best resource for patient education handouts! The Toolkit is available in hard copy or eBook for your preference and is written and illustrated by Cheryl Hall, who has been a practicing OT for over 30 years. We personally use this resource in the clinic and have seen great client success from it!

Booth 1039- Zappos Adaptive:

Zappos Adaptive is a shopping experience that provides functional and fashionable products to make getting dressed easier for people with disabilities. They offer clothing and shoes that address a variety of needs.

Some Other Things to Keep in Mind While Roaming the Expo Hall:

  • Keep an eye out for the Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive Clothing Event
  • Snatch up as many pens as you can!!! (We are still using pens from Conference 2017!)
  • Freebies and giveaways are great ways to expose yourself to the new and latest in the field
  • Talk to EVERYONE! You never know what you might learn

Enjoy some photos of us at past AOTA Conferences: