Top 16 Therapy Halloween Costumes

Trick or Treatment therapy Halloween Shirt purpose therapy box

Celebrate Halloween this year Therapy Style! Below are some of our spooky favorites. What is your Therapy Squad being this year? Comment and send us your photo to be featured!

1. Trick or Treatment 

Credit: Jaymie Conrad COTA/L & Daelyn Williams COTA/L

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Occupational Therapy Assistants Halloween Therapy Halloween Shirt

2. Goniometer #howisyourROM

Credit: PhysioMemes @csunprept

3. Thera-Pea

Credit: Stephanie Holder

4. Thera-Band

Credit: Hands on Healing

5. Minions (including Gru!)

Credit: Megan Crawford

6. Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs 

Credit: Amber Finch

7. Thera- Bees

Credit: Lily Marus

8. Wong-Baker FACES® Pain Rating Scale

Credit: University of Mary

9. Rehab Chicks

Credit: Megan Crawford

10. 101 Dalmatians

Credit: Camille Patricia

11. Ther Ex

Credit: Bianca Buonomo

12. Emojis 

Credit: Megan Crawford

13. Total Hip Replacement

Credit: Gina Hancock Goad

14. The Zoo

Credit: Holly Houseworth

15. Harlem Globe Trotters

Credit: Alabama Orthopaedic Clinic

16. OT Rex

Credit: PhysioMemes